Reef Cruise – 3hr View and Cruise Adults $90

visit their website Before we start this tour, we’ll gather at the gazebo and talk through what we plan to do on this tour, what to look out for and what to expect.

Then we’ll board the boat for a short trip upstream to the Bunuba Sandbar, where we’ll disembark and walk across the sandbar to the cliff face, and climb. The climb isn’t overly strenuous but there are a few difficult patches, so it’s important that you’re fit enough for it, and that you’re wearing sturdy shoes.

At the top there’s a lookout – while we’re there your guide will point out various landmarks and places of significance that can be seen. You’ll also be given a short introduction to bush medicine, we’ll find plants that are useful and you’ll be able to smell them and feel their effects.

Next, we’ll get back on the boat for an entertaining journey up the gorge. As we go you’ll hear Dreamtime stories, and learn more about how the Bunuba people use the plants and animals of the area. We’ll step off the boat for a tasty lunch in the shade of the gorge, then return to the dock.

Adults $90 Children 4 – 13 years $70
Departures 08:00AM and 2:00PM (when booked)


T-QUAL Accreditation

Indigenous Heritage

The Kimberley region has an Indigenous history dating back between 40,000 and 60,000 years, the oldest established culture on earth. In the Darngku region the indigenous people are known as ‘Bunuba’.